CCBA Certification Preparation v3.0

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General Information

Length and Learning Modes: In person classes: 4 days; Virtual classes: four 8 hour sessions; Anytime Learning: eight 4 hour sessions. Prices depend on the mode chosen. Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.

Want to make sure that you are ready for the CCBA® exam and increase your odds of passing it on the first try? This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the Certification of Competency in Business AnalysisTM (CCBA®) exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have.  The course was designed, created, and is taught by CBAP® Recipients to help others focus on the critical areas to study and to provide insights into the exam.

It is current with the framework of knowledge outlined by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) version 3.0 and includes over 1100 sample CCBA® exam questions to make you ready and know what to expect come test time.  Additionally, you’ll learn test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material.

This course conforms to and aligns with the BABOK® Guide version 3.0 of the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis).


  • Increase your confidence and improve your chances of passing the CCBA® certification exam.
  • Streamline the massive amounts of information required to pass the test.
  • The small-class environment, group exercises, and hundreds of sample exam questions keep you engaged and aid in your retention and learning.
  • Learn from experts. The course is designed and taught by CBAP® Recipients with extensive knowledge of the BABOK® Guide, some of whom also contributed to its development.
  • Dedication. We have 7 CBAP® Recipients on staff, ready to help you pass the exam.
  • Trusted. Study with a firm that has helped hundreds of people pass the CCBA® and CBAP® exams, and thousands pass the PMP® exam. We know how to combine learning with test preparation in an engaging way!
  • Complete. Earn 35 CDUs, enough to apply for the CCBA® exam.

We Guarantee Success
We guarantee that you will pass the CCBA exam if you follow our study advice and take the exam within 3 months of the class.

Special offer: We are dedicated to the certification goals of our customers. If you would like a refresher or do not pass your exam, you can retake the class at no charge (space permitting and travel not included). You are responsible for all materials for the retake. If you took our class covering the previous exam version, you may take our new class for the cost of the new materials. Please notify us in writing if you would like to schedule a retake.

  1. Before taking this course, students should fulfill the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) requirements of 3000-4500 hours BA experience, plus specific minimum hours per Knowledge Area.
  2. This course provides sufficient CDU hours to satisfy the IIBA® requirement of 35 professional development hours. A separate application to take the CCBA® examination is required.
  3. We recommend that participants begin their CCBA® application before taking this course, although it is not necessary.
  4. We recommend students skim the BABOK® Guide prior to class.
  5. For maximum preparation value, students should be prepared to take the exam within 3 months of taking the course.
Skill Level: Advanced

All who wish to pass the CCBA® 3.0 certification exam and achieve their Certification of Competency in Business AnalysisTM (CCBA®). Provides 35 CDUs, enough to apply for the CCBA.

For more information, watch our free webinar on the IIBA Certification and BABOK 3.0 Update.

Development Units:
PDUs: 35
CDUs: 35
CEUs: 3.5

To assimilate the vast amount of information needed to pass the CCBA® exam, there is a mixture of lecture, discussion, exercises, and several practice exams in the course.  Be prepared to answer practice tests to simulate the exam, with discussions about why answers were correct or incorrect.  Many students find this one of the most helpful parts of the class.  You will also learn methods of recall and retention to help retain critical information needed to pass the CCBA® exam.

CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 CCBA Online Study Exam BABOK 3.0 Study Tables BABOK 3.0 Flashcards
Both our Traditional and Virtual classes use the same materials.

  • Comprehensive 500+ page CBAP (CCBA) Certification Study Guide loaded with key terms, tips, and techniques to help you prepare for the CCBA® exam. Rated the #1 CBAP (CCBA) Prep Guide on
  • 90-day subscription to our CCBA® Online Study Exam simulator (with over 1100 randomized questions and detailed answer explanations).
  • 150-question “take home” exam simulation with detailed answer explanations, combined with the online study exam provides a focused continuing learning experience.
  • PDF of the IIBA’s BABOK® Guide.
  • BABOK® Study Tables, an overview of the BABOK® Guide in a comprehensive, detailed, and highly visual package.
  • BABOK® Flashcards (in-person only), over 300 colorful, sturdy flashcards that cover the most important BABOK® terms and techniques. 
  • In-class exams with realistic practice questions and answer explanations.
  • Class discussions that dissect practice questions to learn how to analyze and answer them.

CCBA® Exam Information & Tips

Introduction and Key Concepts

Underlying Competencies

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring (BAPM)

Elicitation & Collaboration

Requirements Life Cycle Management

Strategy Analysis

Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

Solution Evaluation

Final Review







Watermark Learning constantly improves its course offerings to ensure the best training possible and to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends. As a result, this outline is subject to change.

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