Data Modeling

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Data Modeling

This course introduces people to the principles and process of logical data modeling, which is to say translating business data requirements into a graphical representation. It teaches people how to analyze business requirements that should be incorporated into a logical data model, how to create the components of a logical data model, how to diagram/explain them, and how to normalize data and handle complex relationships. In short, participants will learn proven, practical skills for analyzing and modeling data requirements, and make them ready to be transformed into a relational database.

This course aligns with the BABOK® Guide version 3.0 of the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis).


  • Describe some of the benefits and advantages of performing logical data modeling.
  • Explain the distinction between logical data modeling and physical database design.
  • Apply a repeatable four-step process for doing logical data modeling.
  • Identify the components of a data model, including entities, relationships and attributes.
  • Normalize entities to fifth normal form and select proper unique identifiers (primary keys).
  • Handle complex relationships:
    • Many-to-many
    • Sub-types and super-types
    • Recursive/”Bill of Materials”
  • Document the data model with an Entity/Relationship diagram and walk through portions of a data model with people to validate it.

Length and Learning Modes

Video on Demand; Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.


To assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and team exercises throughout the course. A lively role play and case study help reinforce concepts learned. Students need to be prepared for a high level of participation.

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Development Units

PDUs: 14 CDUs: 14 CEUs: 1.4


This seminar is designed for business analysts, application developers/analysts, business analysts, project leaders and data/database administrators.


A general understanding of information technology and database concepts is required.


  • Introduction to Logical Data Modeling
  • Entities
  • Relationships
  • Attributes and Normalization
  • Subtypes and Supertypes
  • Recursive Relationships


"This was absolutely the best class I've had in a long time (if ever). It was structured perfectly, flowed perfectly, labs fit course topics perfectly. The instructor was very professional and handled our rowdy group very politically. The course was the best I've ever had!"

MetaSolv Software

"I'm taking back great information to apply to my current project."

"The class was designed well, especially for beginners. I really like the labs and group activities."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"I normally dread training classes because of so much sitting and my eyes getting heavy but with this course the time few by and was very good. Great instructor."


"The class will help me in working with clients and tech support when defining the business requirements in an organized fashion."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"One of the best instructors I have had. Easy to understand and very helpful and great at explaining at different levels."

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"Instructor was professional and very knowledgeable about topic."

"Good class; good, friendly instructor."

"Information was presented very clearly and concisely."

"Great understanding of material as well as how it may be used by students. Kept interest up."

"I had been previously exposed to Data Modeling and the concept of normalization in MBA/IS programs and I found the way this instructor explained normalization (particularly 4NF & 5NF) to be much more clear and better to understand."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"This abstract material was presented clearly. This is a hard topic to get across in a large group with a variety of backgrounds. This class did this effectively."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"Excellent class. I would highly recommend it to others."

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"Very refreshing to have an instructor who is not only very knowledgeable but also an excellent teacher. The instructor was good in letting ideas flow."

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"Very informative. Instructor was very willing to discuss and elaborate the point"


"The instructor presented the class in an excellent way."

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"This class was great. It was challenging and interesting. I learned a great deal. Thanks for answering my questions, and not just giving me the answer."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"Exercises delivered a powerful reality check of how important, albeit painstaking & time-consuming, the planning process is."

Liberty Checks

"Instructor is excellent. She answers questions in a way that really makes them understandable. Lab exercises are excellent for learning tools. Valuable workbook for reference in the future."

Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Class was very informative and interesting. It will help me to develop XML standards for the retail/grocery industries."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"Class was very informative and interesting. It will help me to develop XML standards for the retail/grocery industries."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"I have taken data modeling classes before, this was by far the best. The instructor did a great job. The instructor was very clear, doing exercises right after each lesson was great."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"Good practical approach to a subject [Data Modeling] that can be clouded by academic terms. The approach was outstanding, because it is a subject that can pay dividends in any development project. Nice interpretation of normalization into practical terms."

Deere and Co.

"The instructor and the actual materials were very useful. As close to "real business" as I've seen in a while."

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"Instructor was very good at giving impromptu examples to illustrate points. Course exercises matched very well with lecture material. Exercises were appropriately challenging. Everything was useful, but learning first three normal forms was most useful."

United HealthCare

"Course was very good, presented difficult material and made it easy to understand. I liked learning how to decipher an entity-relationship diagram, learning a process for defining/designing data models. I enjoyed this class, instructor presented information clearly. Obviously, she has a great breadth of knowledge and is able to communicate it effectively!"

"An amazing brain challenge - helps think logically. Very recommended. This will be a good reference for future."

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"The instructor made the information very understandable and made sure that everyone was heard and all questions were answered. I feel everything about the class was useful!"

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"Very good 3-day course on Data Modeling Fundamentals! Excellent! For the beginner, a great foundation and for the expert, a great review!"

MetaSolv Software

"This was one of the best, if not the best, course I have taken while at Deere."

"I especially, liked having to create a model from the ground up. This is the best class I have ever attended. Very practical for future use. Eye opening!"

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"I appreciated the fact that all suggestions or questions were evaluated to the greatest understanding of all the class. Thank you!"

"Instructor was very concise and thorough, great material, everything presented in a clear manner. Very good class!! Enjoyed!"

"Very good instructor, the perfect person to teach data modeling. Good combination of knowledge, attitude and outgoing. I enjoyed the class!. Handled all questions exceptionally well."

"I would not change anything, it was a great class!"

"I now understand why the data architect asks the questions he does! Excellent class!"

"Instructor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and is great at connecting with students!"

"I went to a data modeling class in the past. This class is arranged/organized far superior to this other class. Please keep the format. It works very well."

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. Answered questions clearly. Great class!"

"Very good instructor, the perfect person to teach data modeling. Good combination of knowledge, attitude and outgoing."

"Challenging and stimulating. Instructor kept us interested and moving forward; encouraged questions and input."

"This is one of the best training classes I have ever attended. Very concise and clear direction from instructor. Thanks."

"This class was great! Terrific instructor. Good material. Good labs. Appropriate length."

"All of the material covered was new to me so all was beneficial. I am excited that I have learned more about data. Now I can relate to the technical staff more effectively. But also know that the business is key in this process."


"Great class and clear well organized material. Good examples."

"I really enjoy being in a class taught by this instructor. She's an excellent teacher."

"Instructor was wonderful, clear, concise, friendly and helpful. All things were useful but the whole class confirms my suspicion that is it possible to create order in this chaotic world. Class size was great! Thank you."

"It was all so useful. The lectures were quickly followed up with exercise so I could quickly apply what I learned. Also, the class size worked just right. I've taken a Watermark class in the past and as with that experience this one was first rate."

Blue Cross Blue Shield

"The course was excellent. The instructor ran the class very well. She did her best to ensure that the class members understood."


"It was valuable to continue to build on the same model as we learned new concepts in our workshops"

"Best training I've had at Target!"

"It was great to get information on processes already being used in my department without the traditional staff resources."

"This is an excellent class. The instructor was great and I felt very much involved in the 3 days of the class. I will recommend this class highly. Good combination of examples and exercises!!"

"The class was great - I loved the group exercises. I will strongly recommend that all Bas in my group need to take this class. I came away from the class with what I need to do my job."

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"I thought the class was very helpful. It helped me to formalize the concepts I learned informally."


"Excellent instructor. I would recommend this to others."

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"Workshops were beneficial in bringing concepts to life."

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"Very good class! I would recommend it to my colleagues."

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"It will provide the core theory for my regular work as a data architect."

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