Getting Real Results from Virtual Teams

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General Information

Length and Learning Modes: In-person classes – 2 days / Virtual (Live online) – 4 sessions

In our mobile, global world, nearly every team is virtual to some extent. Creating an effective team when collocated is challenging enough. When the team spends little or no time together in the same space and time, getting team members to identify with the team requires approaches unique to a virtual environment. Keeping virtual team members engaged once the team has formed also makes demands on a team leader that are more time-consuming, and often less comfortable, than when the team is working face-to-face. Getting things done in today’s workplace takes tools, skills, and strategies that work across space and time.

Participants in this course will develop skills and learn techniques to work effectively with teams in which team members have little or no face-to-face communication. It covers all aspects of working virtually, from recognizing types of virtual workers and teams, to working with cultural and language differences, to handling conflict. Workshops with special emphasis on facilitating and eliciting requirements will provide students with opportunities to utilize the best practices for preparing a team to work effectively in a virtual environment, as well as tactics for keeping virtual team members connected to each other and committed to the project and organizational goals.


Some experience working on projects or with team members in a virtual environment is helpful, but not necessary.

Skill Level: Basic

Process analysts, business analysts, project managers, business process owners, general business staff, and anyone who needs the skills to understand, model, and manage business processes.

Development Units:
PDUs: 14
CDUs: 14
CEUs: 1.4


Both our Traditional and Virtual classes use the same materials.

  • Comprehensive study guide with PowerPoint slides and detailed notes to serve as both an in-class guide and on-the-job reference.
  • Scenarios and role play exercises that provide realistic examples to practice the skills and tools presented.
  • Workshop and exercise solutions.
  • Class and team discussions to reinforce the information presented.

Virtual Basics       

Preparing for Virtual Teamwork

Engaging Virtual Team Members

Working with Virtual Team Members

Virtual Team Challenges

Virtual Team Development


Watermark Learning constantly improves its course offerings to ensure the best training possible and to keep you abreast of the latest industry trends. As a result, this outline is subject to change.

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