Planning and Managing Requirements
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The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and her experience adds to and supports her knowledge level allowing a better understanding of how to apply the subject. - (Marty Gibson, Avnet, Inc.)

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General Information

Length and Learning Modes: In person classes: 2 days; Virtual classes: four 3.5 hour sessions; Anytime Learning: four 3.5 hour sessions. Prices depend on the mode chosen. Discounts available for teams and for private offerings.

It is now well recognized that requirements are critical to the success of any major project.   According to SEI’s Square Project the total percentage of project budget due to requirements defects is 25 to 40 percent and costs the economy $59.5 billion annually!   As a result, a planned business analysis and requirements approach is essential to a successful and smooth-running project.  Just like the project itself needs a project plan, the business analysis and requirements processes need a plan.

This course conforms to and aligns with the BABOK® Guide version 3.0 of the IIBA® (International Institute of Business Analysis).

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We are dedicated to the skill development of our customers. To support your growth, we encourage you to retake this class as a refresher at no charge (space permitting and travel not included). You are responsible for all materials for any retakes; depending on the time elapsed between classes, it may mean purchasing new materials at a small cost. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a retake.


Knowledge of the business analysis work effort and project deliverables.

Skill Level: Intermediate

This workshop is designed for business analysts, requirements managers, project managers, and anyone who is involved in software development projects.  No technical experience is necessary, but an understanding of business analysis work effort and project deliverables is required.

Development Units:
PDUs: 14
CDUs: 14
CEUs: 1.4
Certificate Programs:
  • Masters Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Masters Certificate in Project Management

To help assimilate the tools and techniques learned, there is a mixture of individual and group exercises throughout the course. A lively role play and case study help reinforce concepts learned. Students need to be prepared for a high level of participation. Each participant receives a comprehensive student guide complete with examples, planning template and workshop solutions.

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Requirements Management Trainng


  • Business analysis defined
  • IIBA knowledge areas
  • The difference between business analyst and project manager’s planning effort
  • Business analysis planning versus project planning
  • Business analysis planning and monitoring components
  • Key planning tips

Business Analysis Approach

  • Business analysis approach elements
  • Planning inputs
  • Planning considerations
  • Identify various project approaches
  • Project approaches and their impact on business analysis planning
  • Case study workshop: Determine planning approach and planning considerations

Strategy Analysis: Understanding context

  • Strategy analysis tasks
  • Understanding context (business and project)
  • Business analyst role in strategy analysis
  • Understanding business context
  • Understanding project context
  • Project versus product deliverables
  • Assumptions and constraints
  • Alignment of requirement to business and project context
  • Case study workshop: Review and enhance a scope statement draft

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder definition
  • Stakeholder analysis tasks
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Determine roles and responsibilities (RASCI matrix)
  • Case study workshop: Create a RASCI matrix
  • Analyze stakeholder’s influence and acceptance
  • Case study workshop: Create an influence-acceptance matrix
  • Define stakeholder collaboration
  • Case study workshop: Develop a collaboration plan
  • Determine stakeholder communication
  • Case study workshop: Develop a communication plan

Business Analysis Activities

  • Business analysis approach elements
  • Common terms
  • Functional decomposition
  • Case study workshop: Create a functional decomposition
  • Product versus project scope
  • Determine business analysis activities
  • Common elicitation techniques overview
  • Modeling techniques overview
  • Common estimating methods
  • Case study workshop: Identify and estimate business analysis activities

Business Analysis & Requirements Risk

  • BA & PM roles in risk management
  • Risk overview
  • Risk analysis and management process
  • Tips and techniques to identify risk
  • Sample risk categories
  • Risk analysis and management terms
  • Risk response options
  • Risk register
  • Risk management tips
  • Case study workshop: Develop a risk register

Business Analysis Governance

  • Business analysis governance tasks
  • Factors to consider in governance
  • Prioritization process
  • Case study workshop: Develop a prioritization process
  • Change control process
  • Case study workshop: Develop a change control process (optional)
  • Define a decision making and approval process
  • Case study workshop: Develop decision making and approval process

Business Analysis Management

  • Information management tasks
  • General business analysis information management
    • Determine how to organize business analysis documentation
    • Determine level of detail needed
    • Define storage and access needs
  • Case study workshop: Develop an information management plan
  • Requirements Management
    • Determine requirements attributes
    • Define traceability approach
    • Identify requirements reuse opportunities
  • Case study workshop: Create a requirements management plan

Performance Improvement

  • Why measure business analysis and solution performance?
  • Performance evaluation process overview
  • Metric guidelines
  • List of common metrics
  • Collect measure & report on metrics
  • Correct and monitor business analysis performance
  • Correct and monitor solution performance
  • Case study workshop: Create a performance improvement plan

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