Watermark Learning now offers BA Assessment Services designed to provide a point‐in‐time view of BA skills both in quantitative and qualitative form. We have partnered with the most experienced BA leaders in the industry, KHass and Associates and Lorius LLC, to expand our in‐depth capabilities to help our clients grow mature and effective Business Analysis Practices.

This assessment partnership gives Watermark Learning the ability to offer you access to the most comprehensive and far‐reaching assessment services available for the BA community. We also provide guidance and support to help you decide how and where to change your Business Analysis Practice based on project work and business goals.


Our assessments provide a baseline from which the individual will grow and are measured against the model of the company. This gives the organization the ability to measure and manage growth and maturity in a way that fits its own style. Maturity, capability, and training assessments deliver benefits that help you:

  • Develop relevant baselines for Business Analysis Maturity and capabilities that will focus attention on the areas providing the biggest payback
  • Assess opportunities for skill development that will identify the most urgent training needs and will save time and money
  • Assess gaps in business capabilities that will identify potential process improvements for improved ROI and customer satisfaction from the Business Analysis effort
  • Perform periodic reassessments that will provide progress reports to make corrections to plans and take advantage of new opportunities


Our assessments are continuously examined for reliability and validity to ensure there is strong evidence that the assessment measures what it is supposed to measure and there is strong evidence supporting the intended interpretation and use of the findings.

Our comprehensive data collection and analysis procedures provide you with a multidimensional snapshot of your BA performance within the complexity of your organizational system and provide critical insights into relationships between BA practice and project outcomes. You will feel confident that you can use our assessment findings to make accurate decisions about BA practices and use the findings to create a roadmap to guide improvement efforts.


Our assessments are superior to virtually all appraisal practices in the BA marketplace for several reasons. Unlike typical competency assessments, our assessments:

  • Appraise both BA/PM organizational maturity and individual/ workforce capability based on proven reference models
  • Present results that are continuously examined for reliability and validity by Lori Lindbergh, PhD, Senior Researcher and Psychometrician, LORIUS, LLC
  • Benchmark results against a global data base of BAs performing comparable work
  • Align with industry professional standards
  • Align with standards and best practices for quality and fairness in educational and psychological assessment
  • Incorporate the dimension of complexity based on the skills and knowledge needed to work successfully on the complexity of current project assignments
  • Examine critical relationships between competency, project complexity, and project outcomes


  • Clearly documented views of current and future organizational maturity capabilities
  • Clearly documented views of current and future individual maturity capabilities
  • Assessments and related documentation are reusable to allow
    updating baselines as needed or at regular intervals
  • Individuals develop stronger confidence in themselves and their skills knowing what they are both good at and where they need development
  • Management has grater confidence in assigning projects to individuals based on understanding the employee maturity
  • Stronger program and project alignment through organizational maturity assessments

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