Professional Development Unit Self-Reporting

Earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), Continuing Development Units (CDUs), and Scrum Education Units (SEUs) when you attend one of Watermark Learning’s classes, events, or presentations on Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, or Business Process Management. We’ve developed the grid below to help guide you in self-reporting your PDUs/CDUs/SEUs after attending one of our live or on-demand events.

Please note that you do not need to be a member of any particular group (IIBA®, PMI®, Scrum Alliance® at the time of the Watermark event in order to receive the credit. Rules for establishing an account and/or membership with the applicable organization will apply at the time you report your credit(s) for certification renewal. Watermark Learning does not issue certificates for our events and presentations, but you may print out the event announcement received as proof in case IIBA, PMI, or ScrumAlliance request an audit.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

PMI® PDU Reporting Form

Visit PMI for details

Log in to and get to the Report PDUs screen via your Dashboard,

Certification tab on the homepage, or any other means.


Choose the appropriate Category under Education:

  • Course or Training
    • In-Person live class
    • Virtual live class
  • Online or Digital Media
    • Self-paced Anytime Learning class
    • Webinars

If you took a Watermark Learning course, refer to the PDU Reporting Information sheet you received with your class materials when reporting PDUs. On that form you will find:

  • Activity Info:
  • Provider ID (Note that when you enter 3348 in the Provider field, Project Management Academy will appear. When you select that, several fields below will auto-populate.)
# of PDUs Claimed: Apply PDU(s) to whichever Talent Triangle category is appropriate (Watermark will identify in the event). Attendees earn 1 PDU for each one-hour event. PDUs are earned in increments of .25, so adjust accordingly for events lasting more or less than an hour. Note that Technical PDUs will only apply to whichever certification(s) the event content is applicable. Leadership and Strategic PDUs will apply to all certifications.
Submit: After completing the necessary fields, click the box at the bottom to agree, and then submit.

IIBA® CDU Reporting Form

Visit IIBA for details


Category 2, Professional Development (e.g., live webinar) OR

Category 4, Self-Directed Learning (e.g., archived webinar)

Contact: Not Applicable

Program Title: None needed
Activity Info:

Activity: State the description of the activity. (Include what it was and when it took place.)

Beginning and Ending Dates: (DD/MM/YYYY) list the date of the event you attended.

Program ID: None needed
EEP Number: 47918
# of CDUs Claimed: One CDU per each event hour (must be at least 1 hour to count for 1 CDU, and after the first hour, it has to be minimum ¼ hour increments)

Scrum Alliance SEU Reporting Form

Visit Scrum Alliance for details

Log in to and go to the Manage SEUs (for CSP appliication or renewal) page.

From there, you will need to select the category for reporting our SEU from a dropdown menu.


The following courses qualify under Category B.4 – Received CST Training (including video):

All other Watermark Agile courses qualify under Category C.1 – Received face-to-face training outside Scrum Alliance. Examples include:


Complete the General Information and Organization Information fields as appropriate. For the copy of facilitator’s Event/Course description, find the description of the course on the Watermark website and cut/paste the section titled "Overview" (excluding any information about special offers or anything not content related).

When complete, click the Create button at the bottom.

Most Watermark Learning courses give PDUs, CDUs, and/or SEUs. Explore our options to earn DUs today.