CBAP Certification Exam Preparation

Takeout or Dine-In Training Menu

Tapas are Spanish appetizers or snacks that can be eaten individually or combined to form a unique meal. Training Tapas™ provide an appetizer-sized portion of current and relevant skills to help you perform your job at a higher level.

These short skill “morsels” are half-day or shorter segments, laser-focused on key topics to fit your schedule appetite and save you time. They are deep dives into specific key skill areas or techniques to make individuals and teams productive immediately.

Available as open-enrollment public sessions or as private offerings, either on-site or virtually. Private offerings can be grouped into a menu of choices as part of a customized course or mini program.

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Training Tapas



Tapas (3.5 hours each)

Conflict Management—Navigating Difficult Conversations

Understand how to deal with conflict and leverage it to deliver value to the organization.

Conflict Management—Negotiation Quick Start

Help people agree on approaches, requirements, priorities, or most anything.

Cost-Benefit Analysis Quick Start

Develop some CBA savvy and broaden your professional skill-set—whatever your organizational role.

Creative Thinking Quick Start

Create new ideas and rearrange old ideas into a new way of thinking.

Critical Thinking Quick Start

Discover a practical framework to help you critically question information, conclusions, and points of view.

Facilitating Problem Solving

Effective and flexible techniques to understand problems, identify options, and get to consensus.

Facilitation Quick Start

Learn essential skills to help groups generate ideas, achieve consensus, or solve a problem.

Risk Nuts and Bolts

Practical techniques to get stakeholders engaged in risk management and improve project outcomes.

Root Cause Analysis—5 Essential Tools

Employ a variety of methods to discover the root cause of problems and understand needs.

Stakeholder Collaboration Quick Start

Learn strategies and skills to engage, partner, and collaborate with stakeholders.

Strategic Thinking Quick Start

Align with the organization’s strategic efforts by focusing on value opportunities.

Systems Thinking Quick Start

Become a systems thinker to resolve complex, systematic business dilemmas in a practical manner.

Work Breakdown Structures Nuts and Bolts

Clarify scope, reconcile mental models, and promote shared understanding of deliverables.


Entire "Meals"

Order from our predefined collections of related skills. Or, create your own—we love to collaborate on unique solutions!

The following are examples of meals you can order. Take all or just one of the tapas, depending on your needs.

Analytical Thinking

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Quick Start
  • Critical Thinking Quick Start
  • Root Cause Analysis—5 Essential Tools
  • Strategic Thinking Quick Start
  • Systems Thinking Quick Start

Agile Quick Start

  • Assessing Organizational Readiness (for Agile)
  • Envisioning
  • Estimating
  • Keeping Retrospectives Fresh
  • Measurements/Governance
  • Product Owner
  • Release Planning
  • Scrum Ceremonies & Artifacts
  • Sprint Planning
  • Writing Good User Stories

Business Value Series

  • Business Case Quick Start
  • Business Process Management Quick Start
  • Business Process Improvement Quick Start
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis Quick Start
  • Lean IT (2018)
  • Setting Project Direction
  • Value/Benefits Realization

Facilitation Skills Series

  • Facilitation Quick Start
  • Facilitating Problem Solving
  • Facilitating Process Mapping Sessions
  • Facilitating Scrum Ceremonies


  • Creative Thinking Quick Start
  • Design Thinking Quick Start

Leadership and Collaboration Series

  • Building Trust
  • Conflict Management—Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • Conflict Management—Negotiation Quick Start
  • Effective Project Communications
  • Influencing Techniques
  • Stakeholder Collaboration Quick Start
  • Structuring the Consulting Effort

Project Management Skills

  • Estimating
  • Quality Nuts and Bolts
  • Risk Nuts and Bolts
  • Work Breakdown Structures Nuts and Bolts

Problem Solving Series

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Facilitating Problem Solving
  • Root Cause Analysis—5 Essential Tools
  • SARIE Framework