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What is Agile / Scrum?

Agile definition: A project management method to help respond to unpredictability and change in order to succeed in an uncertain environment. The approach is iterative, dividing tasks into short increments of work and meeting daily with a team to assess and adapt plans to finish a project.

Scrum definition: A process framework used to manage product development and other knowledge work. Scrum is empirical in that it provides a means for teams to establish a hypothesis of how they think something works, try it out, reflect on the experience, and make the appropriate adjustments. Scrum is structured in a way that allows teams to incorporate practices from other frameworks where they make sense for the team’s context.

Watermark Learning has a "TLC" approach to Agile adoption and effectiveness. We provide Agile and Scrum Training to enhance organization and individual skills. An essential way to achieve Agile effectiveness is through successful Agile Leadership. We also provide coaching and mentoring to reinforce training and promote Agile / Scrum practices that work.

Components to successful Agile Adoption3 Key Components to Successful Agile / Scrum Adoption

Training in skills-based courses for Agile / Scrum methods as well as people skills are vital in developing Agile effectiveness. Our courses provide industry-leading techniques, enhance team-building, and promote leadership skills. Read more.

Leadership support from the organization's stakeholders is key to establishing and maintaining Agile / Scrum success. We provide focused workshops and mentoring that increases support in the right areas. Read more.

Coaching services help teams apply Agile / Scrum skills directly on projects as they learn to become self-directed. Scrum teams benefit from a consistent message and approach, plus they get to practice new skills with a supportive coach nearby or connected virtually. Read more.

Growing Your Agile Teams

Is Your Organization Agile Ready?

by Elizabeth Larson, CBAP, PMP, CSM, PMI-PBA

For years we've gotten questions from Agile seminar participants about how to apply Scrum to "real life," as though these methods are "good in theory, but not at my company!" Some organizations may not be ready to adopt Agile methods completely, so we encourage people to take an organizational readiness self-assessment to see where they are in their Agile growth.
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Before implementing Agile, here are key organizational questions we can help you answer:
  • Why Agile?
  • Which approach should we use?
    (Scrum, Kanban, Hybrid)
  • Is there a dedicated Product Owner?
  • What are our realistic expectations for the ScrumMaster?
  • How is the organization preparing culturally for this transition?

Training for Teams and Individuals

Scrum Training for Teams and Individuals

Our Scrum Training courses develop all the skills required to be successful in an Agile environment.

» Core topics like the Scrum framework, roles and responsibilities, sprint and release planning, Scrum ceremonies and artifacts, and retrospectives.
» Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) classes.
» Courses on specific roles such as Agile Business Analysis and Agile Testing.
» Agile effectiveness via Leadership Skills, Conflict Management, and Influencing Without Authority.

Learning Modes. We deliver Agile and Scrum training through private on-site courses to focus training on one or more teams and your unique needs to elevate the skills in your organization. Public training is also available through in-person, virtual online, and Anytime Learning modes.

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Agile / Scrum Certification.
A great way to grow skills and knowledge for teams and team members is through Agile / Scrum certification. Our courses on Certified ScrumMaster Certification and Certified Scrum Product Owner certification are popular ways to get started since they involve 2-day classes and let candidates take an exam to receive their designation from the Scrum Alliance. For more rigorous certification, we offer PMI-ACP certification training from Project Management Institute. The PMI-ACP credential requires 21 hours of training and additional studying to pass the 120-question exam. We offer a PMI-ACP exam prep simulator to help candidates practice exam questions before taking their real exam.


Leadership Support

agile leadership support

Support from all levels of stakeholders is key to establishing an Agile mindset and achieving its benefits. Research shows that organizations struggle to gain the benefits of Agile without management and organization support*.

We coach and mentor leaders to help transition from traditional Agile Management. We instill the importance of shared vision and commitment and how to foster self-organizing teams. We help leaders spot gaps and roadblocks in the organization and coach how to overcome them.

Contact us for a free consultation about our Agile Leadership services.


agile coaching and mentoring

Applied Learning. Think of our coaching as applied learning. With formal training as the foundation, our coaches can guide and influence new or existing Agile/Scrum teams in the right direction.

Delivery Options. Coaching ideally is done in-person with a coach on-site at critical points in the Agile lifecycle. Our coaches supplement in-person visits with virtual coaching using web-based tools and phone conferences. Coaching can also be done successfully with non-collocated teams to adapt to an organization’s needs if a Scrum team is deployed virtually.

Coaching works well when it follows up our training, but we help teams with any level and amount of prior training. Plus, we can assess any number of Agile teams, offering recommendations for improvement, and help in implementing them.

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"This method makes good sense because it allows feedback from all stakeholders on a regular basis."
- Glenn Olson, Bremer Financial

"The exercises were exceptional, drove the lessons home. The instructor is very knowledgeable, was able to give real-life examples, and made this course enjoyable. It was easy to understand the principles, ideas, and everyone was respected and encouraged to have a voice. I will be able to apply Scrum to new projects as they come in."
- Karen Liddick, Penn State University

"Talented and experienced instructor who would talk about Agile from a viewpoint of a Project Manager and a Business Analyst. I'll be able to use the outlines of the process as a cheat sheet to use when I do initial runs."
- Mary Ann Van Cura

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Leading Causes of Failed Agile Projects

Graph-causes of failed agile projects

Don't be an Agile failure statistic!


Watermark Learning is eager to work with you to address your Agile and Scrum Training needs. Whether it be through coaching, mentoring, and/or on-site or public classes, your project teams and organization will benefit. Our personalized services integrate with your organization's Agile goals, particular methods, and corporate culture. Private classes are especially cost-effective when you have six or more people to train, and can result in lower per-student costs. Our coaching reinforces prior training, and helps apply learning
as projects get done...the right way.

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