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Our practice exams have been used by over 9,900 subscribers in 102 countries around the world!

The most recent subscribers are from Fiji, Botswana, and Cyprus.

97% of our subscribers pass their certification exam on the first attempt!

CBAP Practice Exam Benefits

Surveys indicate that practice questions are one of the most effective techniques for helping pass the CBAP exam. Increase your odds of passing, reduce exam anxiety, and save time with the most complete and realistic online CBAP practice exam in the market today. The Watermark Learning CBAP Online Study Exam includes:

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  • Over 1,100 realistic questions, similar in tone and quality to the actual CBAP exam, to reduce surprises and increase confidence when you sit for the exam
  • Instant detailed feedback on every question with BABOK® Guide v3 reference numbers to explain both correct and incorrect answers and solidify retention
  • Review the questions and answers of any exam you have taken
  • Stop and start your exams according to your schedule
  • Three modes: warm-up, drill, and a simulation mode to help you take unlimited 120-question practice tests
  • Available 24/7 from the moment you sign up, so you can study anytime, anywhere
  • Practice on the go! The CBAP Online Study Exam works great on major mobile devices, including Apple, Windows, and Android tablets.

This three-in-one tool adapts to you as you progress in your exam preparations:

Warm-up Exams

Begin your exam preparation with basic questions to get started on your exam practice. Feedback is provided after every question.

Study Drills

Focus your exam practice to concentrate on questions from one or more Knowledge Areas at a time. Questions contain a variety of difficulty levels from easy to difficult. Feedback can be provided after every question or at the end of the drill.

Exam Simulator

When you're ready, take the full CBAP exam simulator. Each exam uses a mixture of difficulty levels, and the same percentages of questions that the CBAP exam uses. Feedback is provided at the end of the simulation. 

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the IIBA certification levels, visit this page.

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Martin Russell

"I just passed my CBAP exam today on the second try. I put this real complement to Watermark as their online study exam helped me a lot to pass. Thanks and keep up good professional work."
Ahmed Galal, CBAP (Australia)

"Watermark Learning helped a lot in passing the CBAP. I decided to use the Online Study Exam after the 5-day trial that I got from buying the CBAP Certification Study Guide. All your tools are very helpful. The book helped me in memorizing the KA and the tasks for each KA. The online tool exam is nothing but EXTRAORDINARY! I enjoyed the fact that I was able to use it on different devices. No restrictions! I answered over 2500 questions during one month. The goal was not to obtain a grade over 90 percent but to have the explanations. I took drill questions after each KA. This gave me confidence and strategies to eliminate wrong answers."
Florence L., CBAP (Canada)

Dagmar Cole

"I've really enjoyed using the simplicity of the CBAP Online Study Exam...right on my iPad. This was a major win for me as I did ALL my studying on my iPad using iBooks. I used NO printed materials at all. Being able to do Warm-ups and Drills while on the move proved to be a real bonus. Had this been limited to desktop PC only, I would have not been able to use the product as much."
Pieter Kleinhans, CBAP, Nedbank Ltd (South Africa)

"I would most certainly recommend a subscription to the Watermark Learning site to anyone writing the CBAP. In my experience, exam simulations are a must before sitting for an exam of this nature and I found the Watermark simulations to be a very realistic measure of whether or not you are ready for the 'real thing'."
Darren Brown, CBAP, PMP, Canada

Dagmar Cole

"I had other practice exams but was frustrated when presented with the "correct" answer, trying to understand, "why is this correct and the others not"?   The Watermark practice exam does not just provide the correct answer, but the logic behind the correct answer selection. I thought the CBAP was easier than the Watermark exam, and passed on the first attempt.  Thank you Watermark!"
Dagmar Cole, CBAP (USA)

"I just want to say thank you for your product! I was confident in my knowledge of the content for the exam but was not sure I could prove that knowledge. The Watermark Online Study Exam helped me understand how the exam questions were presented and the logic of what they were looking for in reference to the best answer. So thank you, Watermark - you were on the mark with how the exam questions are presented. I PASSED the 1st go round!"
LD Stewart, CBAP (USA)

Partha Mishra

"The Online Study Exam from Watermark has been a great help in preparing and helping me to clear the CBAP exam in the first attempt. In all, I attempted around 2000 questions and more in the simulated exams, chapter wise drills, and warmups. Yes, some questions would repeat and the key is to learn and relearn. The explanations for wrong answers are very helpful and aligned with the BABOK, unlike many other floating around. When I started off with the exam simulations, the percentages were way off the desired standards and steadily improved. The last few days before the exam I used to average between 80 to 90 percent and that gave me a lot of confidence for the real one. Thanks again Watermark for providing this product which has been a great help."
Partha Mishra, CBAP, First Gulf Bank (United Arab Emirates)

"I cleared the test; the exam simulation really helped me tremendously in clearing the test and getting prepared for it. I am so glad that I registered for Watermark Learning's CBAP online exam."
Sweety Jhawar, CBAP (USA)

Tarun Agarwal

"I am super happy to share that I passed my CBAP exam in my first attempt last Friday. I used Watermark's online study exams and found them very useful in getting familiar with the format of the exam. The questions in the Watermark question bank are a close approximation of the actual exam, and the explanations given to choose the right answer really help in understanding the tricks required to pass the exam. I highly recommend Watermark to anyone who is serious about gaining the CBAP designation."
Tarun Agarwal, CBAP (Canada)


Martin Russell

"I recently took and passed the CBAP exam. The Watermark drills and simulation exams were a great help in focusing my learning and giving me a goal to reach so that I could feel more comfortable about taking the exam. I’ve looked at a few practice exam sites, but I think Watermark offers the highest quality with a big variety of questions whose answers have very helpful explanations."
Martin Russell, CBAP (Switzerland)


Katie Metcalfe

"I passed my CBAP examination today and used Watermark's database of practice questions. The CBAP Online Study Exam really helped get me ready!"
Katie Metcalfe, CBAP (Canada)


Kathy Bieltz

"I'm pleased to announce I passed the CBAP exam recently! There were some questions for which the answer could not be deduced from the question. By being able to eliminate made-up terms you are able to select the 'Correct' answer. The Watermark Online test has similar questions and was very helpful in learning how to find the correct answer using CBAP test logic."
Kathy Bieltz, Senior Consultant, PMP, CBAP (USA)


Swapnil Patil

"I am now a Certified Business Analysis Professional, and Watermark's CBAP Online Study Exam has helped me to achieve this designation. Starting with drills, I completed around 5 sessions for each knowledge area, and then I moved to Simulation. Completing 8 Simluations, I was able to get 93% in the last session, which increased my confidence. I was able to complete the entire exam of 150 questions in 2.5 hours! I have highly endorsed this course to all my BA colleagues for easy achievement."
Swapnil Patil, CBAP (India)


"I found this excellent tool for exam preparation. I decided to use this tool from someone's advice I found online. I followed all advises were given to me such as using drills after every chapter, warm up, then simulation exams. I did all practices until my grades were over 90%. I used this tool for 5 weeks practicing almost every day and finally passed CBAP exam last week. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful tool for CBAP exam preparation"
Tatiana Sergueeva, CBAP (Canada)


"I've been reading from absolutely different sources and forums about the effectiveness of Watermark Learning study tools, mentioning that Watermark tools are the most similar to real exams. It was proved once I subscribed to CBAP online study exam. This tool gives a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK."
Ismayil Feyzullayev, CBAP (Azerbaijan)

Sonal Patel

"I am thrilled at passing my CBAP exam!! Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK. Each of my in-correct answers were referenced to BABOK® sections (page wise). The type of questions in my [actual] exam were of same level as Watermark Learning’s. I highly endorse the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!!"
Sonal Patel , M.Eng., CBAP (Canada)

Paskwa Mutunga

“I passed the CBAP Exam! The online study exam was a great tool to help build my confidence. I started off with a score of 72% and when it got to 90% I felt confident to sign up for the exam. I was surprised at how well it prepared me. I found the real exam a little bit easier than the toughest study exam I had. The analysis, the wording, the tricks, etc. in the Watermark Learning study exam absolutely helped me understand what to expect – my strengths and weaknesses - and it provided tips and examples that helped clarify concepts– it paid off!!”
Paskwa Mutunga, PMP, CBAP, IPSafari Inc. (Canada)

Ritesh Soni

"I sat for my CBAP exam and passed at one sitting, I owe much of it to Watermark Learning. Watermark Learning’s online study exam simulator with the 'drill section' of each Knowledge area assisted me to have an in-depth review of the BABOK®. Each of my incorrect answers were referenced to BABOK sections (page wise). Along with a wide choice of questions from different knowledge areas with explanation and link to the source in BABOK really helped. The study guide and the online practice exams helped me understand the relationships between all those tasks, techniques, and elements. I highly endorse and recommend the Watermark Learning - CBAP online study exam!!!! Thank you and keep up the good job!"
Ritesh Soni, CBAP, CSM (India)

Julia Hamilton

“Watermark Learning's CBAP online practice exam was exactly what I needed to ensure that I was prepared for the CBAP exam. Upon completing a practice exam, it showed me my overall score with a breakdown by knowledge area. This breakdown showed me which sections of the BABOK I needed to reread. It also allowed me to tailor my practice test to cover the areas I needed to focus on. For me, reading the BABOK and taking Watermark Learning's practice exams worked really well.

I just passed the CBAP exam yesterday! The practice test was very similar to the real test, so I knew what to expect. Because I was scoring well on the practice tests, I had confidence going into the test center, which helped me relax. This same confidence also helped me get a good night's sleep the night before the test. Thank you, Watermark Learning, for making such a helpful practice test!”
Julia Hamilton, CBAP (USA)

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