What is ECBA Certification?

An ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis) is level one in the BA certification framework from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). This ECBA certificate recognizes individuals entering the BA profession or those who manage BAs and want to understand the required knowledge and competencies of a BA practitioner. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to be admitted to the exam, and upon passing the exam, receive the ECBA certification credential.

Watermark Learning offers the most comprehensive program in the industry to help you get there. Accelerate your career path and support your organization by following the steps below and with resources and products from Watermark Learning.

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Why get your ECBA?

The ECBA recognizes individuals ready to develop their business analysis skills, knowledge and behaviours as practicing business analysis professionals. The certificate does not require work experience - only professional development hours. That sets the ECBA apart from other IIBA certifications.

Sign me up for ECBA newsBenefits to the individual may include: 

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the principles and industry best practices.
  • Personal satisfaction of accomplishing the first step in their BA careers.
  • Improvement of overall performance.
  • More market opportunities.

Benefits to the organization may include:

  • Advancement and recognition opportunities for staff.
  • Demonstrates use of industry-standard business analysis practices to customers.
  • Demonstrates to your stakeholders that your business is run effectively.
  • Establishes BA practices as outlined in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) Guide by recognized professionals.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the field of business analysis, increasingly recognized as a vital component of any successful project.

Step 1. Prepare for the ECBA Exam

Option 1: Self-Study Materials

How to Talk BA

How to Talk BA

This handy-sized resource summarizes over 300 critical BA terms and includes examples to clarify and make the terms practical. References to the BABOK Guide v3, PMI® BA Practice Guide, and other top BA books are also included. It is a great resource for all levels and anyone associated with business analysis. Use it to prepare for your CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, or PMI-PBA exam and on-the-job!

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ECBA Online Study Exam

ECBA Exam Preparation Online Study Exam

These self-paced programs adapt as you progress in your exam preparation. Contains Warm-Up exams to get started, a Drill section to concentrate on one BABOK Knowledge Area at a time, and a full ECBA exam simulator. Detailed feedback and summary results are provided. Plus, it's cloud based, so you can access it from any computer or device—anywhere!

BABOK Study Tables v3.0

BABOK Study Tables

Our BABOK Study Tables give you an overview of the BABOK® Guide v3 in a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly visual package. They also are a valuable aid on the job as a quick-reference resource.

  • Drill on and memorize key concepts of the BABOK that will help you prepare for the ECBA, CCBA, or CBAP exam
  • Use as a quick reference when you need to access specific information from the BABOK – before and after your exam
  • Reinforce important material in a visual way from the BABOK and our CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0 so you learn and retain the information

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BABOK Flashcards v3.0

 BABOK Flashcards

Colorful, sturdy flashcards that cover the most important BABOK terms and techniques. 336 cards to help you drill and learn the central concepts for the CBAP exam, and help you finalize your exam preparation. Our flashcards are a great companion to our study guide!

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Option 2: Attend a Class

ECBA Certificate Prep Course

ECBA Certificate Prep Course

This comprehensive workshop will prepare you for the ECBA exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. This course also includes How to Talk BA and a free subscription to our ECBA Online Study Exam for focused reinforcement and realistic practice after class.

The ECBA Class Provides:

  • 21 Professional Development hours, enough to apply for the ECBA
  • Copy of How to Talk BA
  • Free 90-day subscription to our online ECBA study exam simulator
  • PDF (virtual or Anytime Learning) or hard-copy (in-person) of the BABOK Study Tables, an overview of the BABOK in a comprehensive, detailed, and highly visual package
  • PDF of the IIBA’s BABOK Guide
  • In-class exams with realistic practice questions and answer explanations
  • Class discussions that dissect practice questions to learn how to analyze and answer them

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Step 2. Finalize your study and preparation. Quiz yourself using flashcards you've made or purchased or use the How to Talk BA book and take lots and lots of practice exams.

Step 3. Take the exam and earn your ECBA Certificate!

Hear what ECBA students have said...

"The class exceeded my expectations. I figured the facilitator would just give out bullet points and leave the rest for us to understand, as this has been my experience. She was very thorough in explaining the information and layout of the book. I loved the professionalism, timing, knowledge, and material provided by the company. Would definitely take another class with Watermark Learning."
Neha Chawla, ECBA Certificate Prep student (USA)

"From the beginning to the very end of the class, the experience was GREAT. The instructor was clear, well-paced and explained complex areas in understandable laymen’s terms. She kept the class engaged and encouraged open discussions through each session. I highly recommend this virtual prep class, great value."
Rob Careaga, ECBA Certificate Prep student (USA)