Certificate in Business Management

Business Process Management Certificate

Through this program, you will:

  • Learn the industry standard framework for managing and improving business processes.
  • Develop skills such as process analysis and process improvement.
  • Learn how to apply basic facilitation and change management skills to assist the adoption of new and improved processes.
  • Few BPM programs offer training from a noted industry leader with the backing of a national university.

Productivity is Enhanced with Mature Process Management and Improvement Skills

Our Business Process Management certificate program provides skill development in the third branch of our "productivity triangle." The productivity triangle helps organizations increase their overall productivity through:

  • Key Projects to introduce new capabilities using project management
  • New and improved Products, made more effective through business analysis, and
  • Optimized Processes that BPM will foster
Productivity Triangle

Our Business Process Management certificate program complements the Watermark Learning Project Management and Business Analysis Certificate programs. Our programs are methodology-neutral, affording you the opportunity to apply your skill set across a variety of organizations.

The three classes provide a significant discount when taken together for the certificate program. Contact us for more information.

Required Courses

Business Process Management Foundations

1 day—7 PDUs, 7 CDUs, .7 CEUs

Business Process Modeling

2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs

Business Process Improvement

2 days—14 PDUs, 14 CDUs, 1.4 CEUs

Click here to download a PDF about the Business Process Management certificate program.