Certification in Business Data Analytics Requirements - IIBA-CBDA Requirements

What is Data Analytics?

Data is a collection of unorganized facts that can be organized and processed into information that is meaningful and valuable to the organization. Analytics is the science of examining this data to draw business insights that lead to improved evidence-based decision-making. Putting both concepts together, business data analytics is the discipline by which a specific set of techniques, competencies, and practices are used for continuous exploration, investigation, and visualization of business data. It is an iterative process that seeks a deep understanding of business problems and opportunities and explores the results of research to provide insights that improve business decision-making.

What is IIBA-CBDA Certification?

IIBA®- CBDA Certification (IIBA® Certification in Business Data Analytics) is a specialty certification from IIBA®. It is the perfect certification for business analysts who want to demonstrate that they have the skills and expertise needed to be an effective business analyst working with a data analytics team on a data analytics initiative.

There are no eligibility requirements for this exam. However, it is recommended that you have a few years of data analytics experience or at least a minimal understanding of data analytics.

Why Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a hot topic and critical business need these days and IIBA foresees this trend continuing. According to the latest IIBA’s Global State of Business Analysis Report, about 36% of business analysts report they are involved in data analytics, 46% report their organizations have increased their focus on analytics during the past two years, and 16% of analysts report an interest in moving to more data analytics positions. Business analysts working in a data analytics space also reportedly earn more. This represents a growing opportunity for IIBA and their education providers, such as Watermark Learning, to provide additional professional support and data analytics certification.

Steps to Getting your IIBA-CBDA certification

Step 1: Learn About IIBA-CBDA and the Certification Exam

Exam blueprint:

The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice scenario-based questions. The IIBA-CBDA exam is two hours in length and delivered via remote online proctoring.

Domain / Topic Area % Coverage # of Questions
Identify the Research Questions 20% 15
Source Data 15% 11
Analyze Data 16% 12
Interpret and Report Results 20% 15
Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making 20% 15
Guide Organization-level Strategy for Business Analytics 9% 7
Total 100% 75

Note: The above study areas also include questions on Techniques.

Step 2: Take an IIBA-CBDA Exam Preparation Course, self-study or join an IIBA Chapter Study Group

Our comprehensive exam preparation course helps you prepare for and pass the IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (IIBA-CBDA) exam. Learn the essential information needed for a business analyst to be successful on business data analytics initiatives. Expertly prepare for the IIBA-CBDA exam by learning the core business data analytics concepts and techniques covered in the IIBA’s Guide to Business Data Analytics v1.0, in addition to taking practices questions to test your knowledge.

View our course outline to learn more.

We also offer a number of additional skill-based workshops that can further your business analysis skills. View our complete list of business analysis courses here Note link to the list from "here" and delete the verbiage about "linking to the list".

Step 3: Register for the Exam, Take the Exam and Earn Your IIBA-CBDA Certification

Steps to applying for the IIBA-CBDA exam:

  • Log into IIBA.org or create a new account
  • Register and pay for the IIBA-CBDA exam
  • Agree to the code of conduct; terms and conditions
  • Once payment is received, IIBA will email a link to schedule your exam
  • Book your exam date and time
  • Finish studying and take your exam

Let us know when you've passed! We'd love to hear from you.

Maintain your certification

  1. Earn at least 20 Continuing Development Units each year
  2. Enter your hours into the BA development log
  3. Pay the recertification fee
  4. Submit the recertification application
  5. Receive a confirmation email from IIBA – Congratulation! You are Recertified!

Note: Your CDUs may be audited before final approval of recertification. Be sure to have your documentation ready to upload to IIBA.

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