Agile Testing Nuts and Bolts

3-Hour Training Course

Agile Testing Nuts and Bolts

Participants will explore how testing changes under an Agile framework such as “Scrum” or “Extreme Programming (XP)”. Through discussion, exercises, and activities the principles, practices and anti-patterns associated with Agile Testing are examined. Participants leave with a set of techniques that they can apply immediately to their current product development efforts that help ensure that they will regularly deliver high-quality products.

Length and Learning Modes

Video on Demand: 3-Hours


  • Learn the key principles of agile testing.
  • Learn and practice agile testing.
  • Identify agile testing anti-patterns.


Video On Demand IIBA-AAC Certification Preparation
Video-On-Demand: Video-on-demand with online training portal, and community interaction. This includes 6-months digital access to all training materials.

Development Units

PDUs: 3 CDUs: 3 SEUs: 3




  • Agile refresher
  • Quality defined
  • Agile testing principles
  • Agile testing practices
  • Agile testing anti-patterns
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