Creative Thinking Quick Start

3-Hour Video on Demand (VOD) Training Course

Creative Thinking Quick Start

Creativity is not an art reserved only for the tortured geniuses and mad scientists of the world, we can all be creative. Creativity is the creation of new ideas or the rearranging old ideas into a new way of thinking. Creativity is a skill that we can learn and, with practice, greatly improve our capacity. This Video on Demand course includes various techniques to stimulate creativity and innovation.


  • Identify five root cause analysis tools.
  • Explore best applications for various approaches.
  • Practice using root cause analysis tools.

Length and Learning Modes

Video on Demand: 3 hours;


Video On Demand IIBA-AAC Certification Preparation
Video-On-Demand: Video-on-demand with online training portal, and community interaction. This includes 6-months digital access to all training materials.

Development Units

PDUs: 3 CDUs: 3 CEUs: 0.3




  • Creative thinking overview
  • 4 Stages of creativity
  • Creativity enhancers and barriers
  • Creativity techniques for problem solving


"This was a very good class and provided a few good tips on how to be more creative. I will be able to implement some of the techniques discussed in the session. Class was fast-paced, mixed in with appropriate exercises"

Roger Burgess

"Creativity is a fun topic. The discussions were interesting, and the instructor provided interesting and helpful exercises."

"The collaboration among the class participants was very positive and helped encourage the learning atmosphere. The instructor was great - she explained things well and took the time to acknowledge everyone's thoughts and ideas."

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