Systems Thinking Quick Start

3-Hour Video on Demand (VOD) Training Course

Systems Thinking Quick Start

Enhance your ability to see the big picture and make connections between and among seemingly disparate events and processes. Learn how to become a systems thinker to resolve complex, systematic business dilemmas in a practical manner. Identify high-leverage actions, changes, and interventions to ensure more efficient processes. Increase your ability to help a team understand complex problems.


  • Understand the impacts of change in complex systems.
  • Learn to recognize patterns.
  • Practice creating a systems diagram.
  • Learn to recognize common archetypes that often occur in complex systems.

Length and Learning Modes

Video on Demand: 1.5 hours


Video On Demand IIBA-AAC Certification Preparation
Video-On-Demand: Video-on-demand with online training portal, and community interaction. This includes 6-months digital access to all training materials.

Development Units

PDUs: 1.5 CDUs: 1.5




  • Systems thinking overview
  • Pattern recognition
  • System diagraming
  • Archetypes


"I learned a new technique to tell a story (Circles of Causality). This, along with data and graphs, can provide a telling story and increase credibility. Now I have a better understanding of Archetypes when talking about patterns and how to use them to come up with solutions."

Roger Burgess
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Video on Demand
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